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Monday, January 24, 2011


To most people the mention of rum conjures up memories of the Caribbean and times of old. It also provides the image and backdrop to the laid back attitude that is so pervasive in the region. But the fact is that rum would not be what it is today without the influence of Latin America.

Latin America produces more spirit from sugar cane than anywhere else in the world. Aguardiente, Cacha├ža and rum are the main culprits, but there is plenty more. More specifically, since the 1700’s South America has been one of the biggest producers of sugar cane in the world. As such, it provides the biggest base of raw ingredients to manufacture the spirit.

As you will see, (with the biggest exception being Guyana) Latin American rums fall into the light and gentle rum category. Mostly balanced and refined and pretty smooth and easy on the palate. That is a generality that can be knocked off with a few specific regional examples but that’s a theme for a different Rum Bums night. As you are about to experience, rums from South America can be very varied in styles. Hopefully this edition of Rum Bums will help you understand a little more about rums from that region as well as bring a little more overall knowledge about the region itself. Welcome to a small part of South American rums. Sit back and enjoy a tour of some great rums from Brazil (Oronoco) Venezuela (Santa Teresa) and Guyana (El Dorado) We hope it is an interesting and entertaining experience. And thank you for coming to explore the world of rum with us.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the Beginning

Hello my fellow Rum Bums

And welcome to our blog. The main purpose of this blog page is for it to be an extension of our rum club called Rum Bums at La Isla Restaurant and Bar.

We hope we can add to the discussion by bringing our own little piece to the gigantic puzzle that is the world of rum. We are not pretending to be experts by any means. If anything, we are just but mere students of this wonderfully humbling spirit. And we hope that you will engage in our topics as we explore and learn about it at our leisurely island pace. The last Tuesday of every month we get together to explore, learn, discuss and more importantly drink at the bar of La Isla. And in doing so we hope to achieve a little bit more knowledge.

Rum seems to have been a forgotten spirit for a while, but it is making a strong comeback. We are trying to help that comeback in our own little part of the world one guest at a time. It has one of the most diverse flavor profiles among the spirits known today.
So come join us this and every last Tuesday of the month. Come enjoy rum the way we think it should be enjoyed. We look forward to being able to share some new and/or old rums as well as our little piece of Puerto Rico with everyone.

Are you ready?