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Monday, February 4, 2013

La Isla Rum Club - Old Monk Rum


 Old Monk - Rum Club

La Isla Rum Club
Alfonso chatting it up!
La Isla Rum Club January - Well, that was fun. It was a packed house Tuesday night for our monthly Rum Club, with by far the largest turnout we have ever seen. What better time to have so many patrons and rum lovers join us than for Old Monk Indian dark rum, our featured rum this month. 
La Isla - Old Monk Rum
Old Monk: Premium (Left) XXX (Center) Reserve (Right)
Old Monk is aged for a MINIMUM of 7 years, and is known for its pronounced vanilla flavor. After a good conversation with our friend John Ueding, the Old Monk spirit representative, the rum gets its caramel/butterscotch/coconut flavor from the American oak barrels it is vatted in, and oh how it went down smoothly!
La Isla - Rum Club
Old Monk Spirit Rep John Ueding
There were three varieties of Old Monk tasters (XXX 7 yr, Reserve 12 yr, and Supreme 18 yr) to go aside our delicious Puerto Rican dishes, made from scratch by our wonderful Chef Lee. To better accompany this Indian-made rum, Chef Lee incorporated a nice fusion of sofrito and curry into the chicken marinade tying the flavors together nicely. Following that, we enjoyed an exceptional salmon salad topped with a sweet passion fruit glaze that would feel at home in either Puerto Rico OR India. Que Bueno! 

La Isla - Tres Leches
House-Made Tres Leches and Budin de Pan

 A big thank you to all of those who made it Tuesday night! We absolutely love seeing our regular ‘Rum Bums’ as well as all of those new faces. Catch you next month for out next Rum Club which will be on February 26th. To view the full photo gallery, visit our facebook photo album!

Again the rums from the evening were:
Old Monk XXX - Aged 7 years
Old Monk Reserve - Aged 12 years
Old Monk Premium Supreme - Aged 18 years