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Friday, November 30, 2012

Flor de Cana - Rum Club

La Isla Rum Club
Featured Rum: Flor de Caña

It may have been chilly and damp outside, but inside La Isla was warm and cozy - probably due to all the people drinking delicious rum and enjoying good company! Rum Club was another great success with Flor de Caña serving up some tasty samples of their award winning rum next to our authentic puerto rican dishes made by the talented Chef Hernan! Flor de Caña, Spanish for sugarcane flower,  has won over 100 awards internationally in the last decade and we were excited to host their rum and introduce another great product to our wonderful customers and friends.

The first course was Guineitos en Escabeche (Pickled Green Bananas) served with Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4 years. The 4 year carried hints of mint, caramel, banana peel, and butterscotch.

Guineitos en Escebeche
Our second course was Crèma de Platano served with Flor de Caña Grand Reserve 7 years. Plantains and bananas were a reoccurring item Tuesday, this time blended up into a hot soup with crispy fried cod fish fritters as a very necessary garnish. The 7 year had notes of caramel toffee, vanilla, walnut, and chocolate.

Crèma de Platano

The third pairing was Pavochon Relleno de Trifongo (Pork marinated Turkey Roast stuffed with Mashed Tubers) alongside the Flor de Caña Centenario 12 years. This sample is made with walnut, pecan, caramel, honey, vanilla, and has some mellow oakiness.  The stuffing (also made with plantains) was incredible.

Pavochon Relleno de Trifongo
For dessert, we had Arroz con Dulce and Rum Chocolate balls (Flor de Caña of course) paired nicely with La Isla’s Porcelain Doll, which is vanilla rum, 151, Kahlua, and cream.
Arroz con Dulce
Again, thank you thank you thank you! We love seeing all of you here at La Isla smiling, having fun and of course enjoying good rum and good food! Make sure to mark your calendars for the next Rum Club, Tuesday, December 25th!

 For more photos check out our Facebook album!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Centenario Rum Club at La Isla


For those of you new to Rum Club,  once a month we hold a food and rum combo night where you’re able to try an ensemble of rums that are paired with complementing side dishes. If you enjoy good people, good food and particularly good Rum – Rum Club at La Isla is the place to be! For those of you who have been to Rum Club before, you know exactly what we're talking about.
yum, yum, rum!
 This month’s rum club was sponsored by Centenario. Our friend Ben, the Centenario rep, came down and shared some background on the brand and how it’s most popular in Mexico but fresh to Washington State.  The rum flight included the 5yr, 7yr, 12yr, and 25yr with delicious food pairings. We started out with a squash and walnut soup followed by Costa Rican native Gallo Pinto Frittata and finished with a decadent Pumpkin Pie-esque dessert.
Alongside good rum and good food - we here at La Isla, make it our personal duty to ensure you’re enjoying yourself and having a good time; that’s what its all about right?  We were excited to see so many of you show up! So make sure next month you mark your calendars for Rum Club and come have a fun filled evening with friends while, most likely, making new ones!!