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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

La Isla Rum Club - Angostura Rum


  Angostura - Rum Club

Some fellow Rum Bums
La Isla Rum Club February - Hey friends! What an amazing Rum Club that was. We got together last Tuesday night with all of our Rum Bums to celebrate good food, good friends and great rum! We featured Angosura Caribbean Rum served aside some tasty Puerto Rican dishes prepared by Chef Lee.

Some fellow Rum Bums
Angostura is an award winning Trinidadian rum proud to be made on one island from one distillery. Their master distiller, John has been a key player in the Rum industry, fine tuning his distilling skills for over a quarter century! He is responsible for their multi-award winning Angostura International Rum Collection which we got to taste.

Angostura: (left to right) 1824, 1919, 7 Year Old, Reserva
There were a few varieties of Angostura in rotation. The first was the 7 Year Old, which has a rich full-bodied taste of maple, chocolate, honey and toffee. Next was Reserva, a rum with a rich and warm flavour of vanilla but a finish that is incredibly smooth. Last and most interesting was the 1824 and 1919. With hints of chocolate, honey and almond butter the 1919 is aged in charred casks of rum salvaged from a great fire! We also learned that the 1824 is aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of twelve years before hand blended and re-casked.

Cameron doing what he does best!
Chef Lee prepared some incredible Puerto Rican dishes, starting with carrot & potato croquettes stuffed with carne molida (ground beef). Following that we had pelau, which are chicken thighs, pigeon peas with carrot & rice! Last but not least was the desert. Lee put out some tierritas, which are ground chocolate cookies covering a thick vanilla pudding. Yum!

Carrot & potato croquettes stuffed with carne molida
Pelau: Chicken thighs, pigeon peas with carrot & rice
Tierritas: Ground chocolate cookies covering a thick vanilla pudding
 Thank you so much for those who joined us Tuesday. It was great to have everyone and we will see you next Rum Club on March 26th. To view the full photo gallery, visit our facebook photo album!